illimitable insights

 The no 1 challenge of any company is

finding and retaining the best talent.

Our goal at SignalFire is to provide our 

founders with the most comprehensive 

talent platform in the industry.

We track & rank 18 million of the world’s best engineers, data 

scientists, product managers, designers, and business leaders.

We do it with Beacon Talent, a 

proprietary AI-based recruiting 

platform built by our team of full-time

engineers and data scientists.

In addition to Beacon Talent we provide a 

360-degree solutions.

Recruitment process optimization

Leadership development & mentorship

Executive recruiting

Technical recruiting

Talent research

Advisor network


market intel

We track more than 2 million data sources 

and half a trillion data points giving our

portfolio companies unique insights into 

market intelligence to help with 

everything from pricing to cohert

analysis. It can help answer questions like 

how much does a

certain product cost in

different geographies

how much a discount

would impact revenue

growth and profit margins

how change to an

offering would compare

to competitors

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